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    LUXSHARE-ICT is back at CES 2023!

    2023-01-12 來源:立訊精密

    2023/1/12, Due to pandemic that affect the real products show for a while. But Luxshare-ICT doesn’t stop development, our engineers work hard to develop new products and for sales to win more business. Today, we are back to Las Vegas, we showed our new products to our customers during CES 2023.

    We focus on ODM new products that including the Audio/Dock, Power Station and Wi-Fi 7 etc. new products, applications in Office, Outdoors and Home. We also showed the smartphone / smart watch and smart home accessories for retail market. Meanwhile, we invited Luxshare-ICT groups new members – Teleray to join us to show Soft Goods products. Customer can understand our products more at one stop.

    Our exhibition located at Home2 hotel that near the south hall, we invited our customer to Home2 hotel to see our new products and face to face discussion. Even only 2 days (1/5-1/6) too short to show all of products, customers and Luxshare-ICT are happy to see each other in Las Vegas again.

    We showed Audio, dock etc. ODM products and showed the integration capability that including wireless charging, camera modules and connectors.

    Sean O’Neal introduced the USB4 dock to customers.

    Audio products that including the gaming ANC headsets and Teams certification speaker, also combine the dock and audio in one, we called it “audio dock”.

    Power products that including the smart watch/ smart phone and smart speaker wireless charging, we also showed customize coil for pen, tablet, and NB application. Ps. 3rd party - “energysquare” support wireless charging dongle for NB.

    also showed the camera module and B2B connectors for integration.

    At 1F conference room, we showed the home network ecosystem first.

    Justin Chung and Ted Lin introduced the broad band products that including Wi-Fi 7, Battery AI Camera, 5G Mi-Fi / CPE and XGSPON etc. new products. Ps. 3rd party – “novatek ” support the solutions for Battery AI Camera.

    We also prepared retail and soft goods finish products to show our wide rang of retail solutions to customers.

    Retail Marketing – Albert Tsuei introduced USB-C cable / PD charger, MagSafe, Find My Network, Matter etc. new products.

    We setup a tent to show the wireless go (wireless charging) concept for outdoor application. Ps. 3rd party - GERETECH demo 600W power station for cooking in natural outdoor space.

    Retail US sales – Kyle Liu presented products using our ODM keyboard PC via projector.

    Teleray also showed Soft Goods products, retail customers can see all of Luxshare-ICT retail products at one stop.

    Luxshare-ICT finished this show in first week of 2023, not only that, our team packed products for next stop to road show at customer side.

    We are to be at customers side, always! Look forward to seeing you next time soon!

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